Today, most believers in the LORD Jesus Christ recognize that the Bible calls believers the Body of Christ or "church". However, the word that Jesus uses to identify His "called out ones" is the Greek word ekklesia. So why has this word been translated "church" , meaning a "building " when Christ Himself calls His Bride an organism totally foreign to our English word? Early English translations prior to the King James 1611 version, such as William Tyndale's 1526 translation, rendered the greek word ekklesia as congregation.

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Our thanks to our friend, Elliot Adams, for supplying an important work done years ago following the Roman Catholic Church's involvement in the child abuse scandal of pedophile Romanist clergy. Read the book "Lucifer's Lodge" by William H. Kennedy .

​​​Lucifer's Lodge PDF

This article is written by Pastor Chuck Baldwin who indicts the problems of the American Church.

​​The American Church Has Some Big Problems
We are a royal priesthood (1Pet 2:9)! There is no distinction between believers. We are all ONE in Christ. So why does a clergy-laity divide exist in congregations today. Read this and prayerfully consider your response. The Doctrine of the Nicolaitans.    Click here.
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