About Us

        Who we are

Bill Posey-- - Bill has been a Christian for 24 years. He was born again by God's grace in November 1993 at the age of 35. He placed his faith in Jesus Christ at a Family Life seminar. Having heard the gospel and convicted in his heart that he was a sinner by nature and choice and totally separated from God, Bill repented and turned to Christ. Bill recognized the call from God to be an evangelist and along with Joe to reach out to those who experience paranormal phenomena and explain this through a biblical worldview. Bill is married to his wife Susan and resides in Warminster, PA.
Joe Miroddi-- Joe received God's gift of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ in 1989 through a gospel radio ministry . Prior to his salvation, Joe was the victim of repeated physical, demonic attacks and is intimately familiar with the power and deception of spiritual forces of wickedness. God has used these  incidents of oppression,among other factors to compel Joe, along with Bill Posey, to minister hope to those who likewise have come under spiritual attack. Joe resides in Horsham, PA with his wife and three children.